Troblum is a Higher physicist who was briefly associated with the Accelerator faction of ANA. Described by Marius as an idiot-savant, he is severely lacking in social skills but possesses an otherwise genius-level intellect. He is a history buff, fascinated by the Starflyer War, and pays extravagant amounts for war memorabilia. His social skills are so poor that he frequently consults software designed to help with social interactions, and, highly unusual for a society where people can alter their bodies such that almost everyone appears to be a physically fit and attractive persons in their twenties, is large, overweight, ungainly and unfit.

He has developed (theoretically) an FTL drive that can move planets, but not yet converted his theory into physical reality. He initially approached the Commonwealth Navy, but was then suborned by the Accelerator faction. However, as soon as he finds out that Catherine Stewart (The Cat) is part of the faction, he immediately decides that the Accelerator faction must be evil. He escapes from them, and contacts Paula Myo offering to tell her all he has learned about the Accelerators.

He has an ultradrive ship called the Mellanie's Redemption that is populated by three SI (Sentient Intelligence) that contain the personalities of three beautiful young women who feature in the events of the Starflyer War: Catriona Saleeb, Tricia Marina Halgarth and Isabella Halgarth. (These women are all "trust fund kids" who lived and partied together. Isabella was, however, from the age of five, an agent of the Starflyer and was behind a broadcast message, ostensibly from the Guardians of Selfhood, that accused the President of the Commonwealth of being a Starflyer agent.) The SIs are able to project solido images of the women, and are programmed to be in love with Toblum, essentially functioning as sexbots, albeit capable of fully independent thought and action insofar as it does not conflict with their love for Troblum.

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