Peter F Hamilton

Tiger Pansy is the stage name of an adult actress who is recruited by Mellanie Rescorai to link to Qatux, a Raiel, so that he can experience the human perspective during the Starflyer War.

After the Planet’s Revenge and the end of the Starflyer War, Tiger and Qatux married and remained on Far Away for many years where they continued the shared emotional and mental connection. In The Dreaming Void, Qatux explains that she was tortured and eventually killed by The Cat in a deliberate, cruel way that lasted many days.

After her death, she was relifed using memories from Qatux right until her last moments in her previous body. She went on to marry Rahka Brandt, who captained the Ventura intergalactic Brandt colony ship. Her shared memories from Qatux caused Makkathran to call our to her through the gaiafield as the Brandt fleet passed by the Void. this connection caused the Void to open and pull all seven Brandt ships into the Void.

After landing in Makkathran she went on to be known as The Lady.