Peter F Hamilton

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The Temporal Void is the second book of the Void Trilogy, the title referring to the ability of the Void revealed near the end of the book: to seemingly travel back in time, but in reality to "reset" itself to an earlier configuration in which everything, including the lives of people, is changed to how it was in the past, except that the individual who requests that reset retains their memory of "the future", and knowing what will happen, can take steps to avoid undesirable outcomes.

Inside the Void: Edeard's story[]

In this book, Edeard's career as constable in Makkathran is described, including the incident by which he comes to be known as the Waterwalker, and his campaign against the influence of the gangs of the city. Also he meets, courts and eventually marries Kristabel, and in the process becomes estranged from his childhood friend Salrana. As the book nears its end, it is revealed that the gangs who ravage the city and the bandits who ravage the countryside (and slaughtered the village of Aswell, forcing Edeard and Salrana to flee) are part of a larger conspiracy. Edeard suffers an anguishing defeat near the end of the book, and driven by pain and despair discovers a hidden talent. Also, the city of Makkathran is revealed to be at least an AI, and perhaps even sentient.

Outside the Void[]

Araminta's story[]

Araminta comes to realise that she is the Second Dreamer, and she is hunted by various factions who want to use her to either lead humans into the Void, or to prevent that from happening.

Justine's story[]

Justine Burnelli becomes the first being known to have been accepted into the Void after the destruction of Centurion Station during a Void expansion phase. After her father Gore Burnelli becomes the Third Dreamer and relays her experiences to the universe outside the Void, followers of the Living Dream feel that their optimism is justified, and the Pilgrimage has a real chance of success.