Peter F Hamilton

Mindstar Rising[]

Original UK book cover


Forget the way your country used to look. Get used to the free market, the companies have all the best hardware - they're calling the shots now . . .


In a world like this a man open to any offers can make out just fine. Greg Mandel: Psi Boosted, wired into the latest sensory equipment, carrying state of the art weaponry. Veteran of Gulf War II. Late of the English Army's Mindstar Battalion. As the cartels battle for control of a revolutionary new power source and corporate greed outstrips national security, the tension mounts to boiling point and Greg Mandel is about to find out if he's up to the ultimate test.

A Quantum Murder[]

Original UK book cover

Professor Edward Kitchener: a double Nobel Laureate researching quantum cosmology for the Event Horizon conglomerate - but no good to anybody dead and with his lungs spread out on either side of his open chest.

The security system at Launde was premier-grade gear. But a mercenary could have got through and there were plenty of people anxious to stop his work who would pay the necessary. But why would a professional waste their time ritually slaughtering their target?

Something doesn't gel. Was Kitchener the victim of industrial espionage, personal revenge or of a crime of passion committed by one of his live-wire students? Event Horizon need to know, and fast, so Greg Mandel, Psi-boosted ex-private eye, is enticed out of retirement to find himself on a convoluted trail that ends in a confrontation with a past which, according to Kitchener's theories, might never have happened.

The Nano Flower[]

Original UK book cover

Julia Evans: billionairess, owner of Event Horizon, for fifteen years the undisputed power behind England's economic renaissance. And in trouble.

With her husband missing and rival companies suddenly claiming to have acquired a technology impossibly superior to anything on Earth Julia has no time to take notice of an anonymously delivered flower. But this flower has genes millions of years in advance of any terrestrial DNA.

Is it a cryptic alien message, or a poignant farewell from her husband? One man can discover its origin. But Greg Mandel is not alone in his desperate search. A vicious mercenary killer, a jaded merchant and his son, a ruthless arms dealer, and a courtesan all have a part to play.

It was never going to be easy, but as Greg and Julia discover simply being first in the race isn't good enough as the Nano Flower starts to bloom.

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