The enigmatic alien that is influencing the human race and the only ones that believe it exists are the Guardians of Selfhood who actively fight to expose it to the Commonwealth.

The Starflyer arrived on Far Away aboard the Marie Celeste. An alienPrime that was outside of its home system of Dyson Beta when the barriers were created around the Dyson Pair, it was left to travel across the stars until it reached Far Away. When it arrived it triggered a flare in Far Away's star to send a message back in the direction of the Dyson Pair.

Humans had detected the flare in the star and out of curiosity they created a wormhole link to the system to investigate the event. It was here that the Starflyer was truly born when it enslaved those who came to its ship and used the humans in much the same way it does its motiles, to gather information on the human race.

Although it carried out this investigating without revealing itself, it was its own curiosity that became its downfall. Intrigued by the Silfen and wanting to know about them, it sent one of the humans it had enslaved, Bradley Johansson, to find out more. While travelling the Silfen paths, it came across the adult stage Silfen who freed him of the Starflyer's control. It was Bradley Johansson through the Guardians of Selfhood who revealed the intentions of the Starflyer to the human race.

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