Peter F Hamilton

Slvasta (last name never mentioned) is an inhabitant of Bienvenido, first encountered as a 17-year-old trooper in the army of Bienvenido.

In The Abyss Beyond Dreams[]

We first meet Slvasta in his role a trooper sweeping after Falls in the never-ending fight against the Fallers. He is lured into being almost absorbed by a Faller egg, but is rescued at the cost of losing an arm. Later he rises through the ranks of the army. Due to his zeal in challenging the status quo to fight the Fallers more effectively he is promoted and sent to do a desk job in the capital city. There he becomes so disgusted with the decadence and corruption of the ruling elite that he is drawn into revolutionary activity with three others: Bethaneve, a woman who becomes his lover, Coulan, a male ANAdroid and agent of Nigel Sheldon (although no-one knows that) and Javier, although he strongly desires to avoid bloodshed on the road to revolution.

He is elected to the ruling council and leads the revolution, becoming the leader of the new state that replaces the decadent and corrupt aristocracy of the descendants of Captain Cornelius. However, in the process his is transformed, possibly due to psychological stress from the horrors he experiences due to the actions of the Fallers, from an honest and decent man who inspires love and admiration into a paranoid tyrant, even suspecting Javier and Bethaneve of conspiring against him.

In A Night Without Stars[]

Slvasta is Prime Minister of Bienvenido, but has become so paranoid and tyrannical that he has even sent his lover Bethaneve to prison in a forced-labour camp after suspecting her of treason. He is despised by Laura Brandt, who arrived in Bienvenido eight years previously as the book opens.