Peter F Hamilton

Silvergalde is a planet known for its relatively dense Silfen population.

Possibly an artificial planet, it is 32,000 km in diameter (three times the size of Earth) but with gravity of only 0.89. Half of its surface is land (of which 60% of that is forest); the other half is mildly salty sea with thousands of picturesque islands. The axial tilt is less than half a degree, which in turn gives the planet an entirely stable environment and a predominately temperate climate. The interior composition is mainly silicate with no metals ever found in the crust and no fossils found at all. A small molten core creates the magnetic field but there are no volcanoes found on the planet. As well as this, there are no impact craters or any geological reason for the continents to be separated. Also, the vegetation and animal life live in equilibrium.

Technology does not work on any Silfen world encountered by the Commonwealth – in fact, the more advanced the technology, the less likely it is to work. However, the CST works without any problems, but when questioned the Silfen gave no reason for this. There is speculation that this is the Silfen capitol.

Population: Billions

Capitol: Lyddington

Moons: 2

Residents: Orion