Peter F Hamilton

The Silfen are an alien species that inhabit many worlds within the galaxy.


The Silfen are bipeds and are slightly taller than humans. Their heads are proportionally larger than humans with a flat face, wide feline eyes, a thin nose with long narrow nostrils and long, unbound hair. Their mouths have three concentric circles of teeth that can flex to pull food into their gullet; although this arrangement looks slightly menacing, they appear to be exclusive herbivores. Their skin is tougher than humans and has a leathery feel and a silken shimmer. Their hands consist of four fingers that can bend in any way. This appearance is now what we can class as a young/juvenile member of the species, or perhaps simply a form used by Silfen for the enjoyment of experience.

General Information[]

The Silfen have shown no desire to learn the Commonwealth language, and communicate in what seem to be riddles and gibberish, very rarely saying anything intelligible. They have no interest in technological artefacts but travel between worlds by 'paths', a system of wormholes that seamlessly link the forests on countless worlds, including Earth.

Planets & Locations[]

Known Silfen planets within the Commonwealth are Silvergalde and Jandk, and locations outside the Commonwealth that we know of are the Ice Citadel planet and the Silfen Gas Halo. Silvergalde is considered something of a regional capital of the Silfen, simply due to the number of Silfen inhabitants.