They are larger than a bull elephant, but that is where the comparison ends. Their heads look similar to an octopus tipped on its side – a bulbous head surrounded by a collar of tentacle style limbs ranging from a large pair at the bottom that are used for heavier work to small clumps of slender manipulators with five small eyes on the side of the head. Eight legs with no sign of joints are located on each side of the underbelly. They are an extremely intelligent species and look down at humans from a great intellectual height.

They are the implacable enemies of the Void, attempting to destroy it many times, and watching over it for over a million years. Some of the Raie live within one of the domes of the High Angel, including one called Qatux, who has an intense interest in humans, and even marries one: Tiger Pansy, a former porn star.

In A Night Without Stars, Paula Myo locates and frees the Raiel invasion fleet, which was thought lost in the Void long ago. This fleet is crewed by "Warrior Raiel," an aggressive variant that has vestigial wings in addition to the physical features observed in the contemporary Raiel of the time. In addition to assisting all non-Faller sentients with transport from Bienvenido back to the galaxy, the Warrior Raiel reveal that prior to human exploration of the galaxy, the Raiel had previously exterminated all Fallers located outside of the Void.

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