Peter F Hamilton

Rah is the semi-legendary leader of the first humans to come to Querencia and with his wife The Lady, led his people to settle in Makkathran. He was noted as having powerful psychic abilities and over a two year period cut through the city walls to lead the survivors of the ships into Makkathran. It was thought that he was the captain of one of the Brandt ships that brought humans to the planet, if not the leader of the entire expedition.

In The Abyss Beyond Dreams, it is revealed that he was Rahka Brandt, the captain of the Ventura intergalactic Brandt colony ship. He was guided to Makkathran by two Skylords along with the Vanguard, Violet and Valley while the Vermillion,Verdant and Viscount were led by a Skylord and captain Cornelius Brandt to the H-congruous planet Bienvenido.

Excerpt from

The Abyss Beyond Dreams

Peter F. Hamilton

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