Peter F Hamilton

Querencia is one of the planets in the Void that is inhabited by humans. Its main, and maybe only, city is Makkathran.


The books only describe Edeard's home village, Makkathran, and one village on the journey between the two. However the fact that the planet has more than one continent is discussed in vague terms.


The inhabitants have an oral history that says that the planet was colonized by humans who arrive by starship only only a few thousand years ago. History is not clear whether the ships crashed, or landed but became unable to fly away again. Two people, Rah and his wife, known only as The Lady, led the majority of their people on a search to find a good place to live, and eventually found the city of Makkathran uninhabited, but close to perfect for human habitation, even though it was obviously designed for aliens. He had to break through the crystal walls of the city to gain entry, creating three gates in the process. Very little else is known about the arrival of humans: "All the Lady ever said of the ship that brought them to this universe was that Rah was leading people away from the turmoil that followed their landing. Beyond that, the past was never mentioned."

Culture and society[]

As with everywhere else in the Void, electrical devices do not work, so the level of physical culture resembles that of medieval Europe, with the slight exception that firearms are in use, though a closely regulated item.


The only religion is that of following the teachings of The Lady, allied with the belief that "fulfilled" people will, when they die, have their souls guided to The Heart by a Skylord, where they will experience perpetual bliss. At the time of the events described in the books, a reasonable proportion of people do not believe in this, or at least are highly sceptical. However, in The Temporal Void, Edeard witnesses the souls of recently killed people leaving their body, and can even communicate with them.


There appears to be only one real city on Querencia (Makkathran), and only large town and small villages elsewhere. Moreover, there is rivalry and jealousy between the inhabitants of Makkathran and the rest of the people who live elsewhere; with some elements of the city believing that their laws should prevail everywhere, and that they have the right to tax non city-dwellers. This is the One Nation political faction.