Peter F Hamilton

Oswald "Ozzie" Fernandez Isaacs is one of the co-inventors of wormhole technology, along with Nigel Sheldon. The more visionary of the pair, Ozzie is famous for using his vast wealth and extended lifespan not to accumulate more power, but to explore and adventure. Prior to the discovery of the Prime, Ozzie had already become a legend, known for travelling the Commonwealth on adventures and was rumoured to have a private network of wormholes at his disposal. However this was false, as he used only two wormholes to travel through the Commonwealth. He was also known for providing the thought patterns on which the Sentient Intelligence was constructed, for his Dionysian excesses of partying, for exploring the limits of Commonwealth technology, and for his signature Afro hairstyle.

The Commonwealth Saga[]

Ozzie walked the deep paths with Orion until they reached the Ice Citadel, where they meet Tochee, a representative of the previously-unknown Hancher alien species. Ozzie and Orion managed to escape the ice planet with Tochee's help. They continued to walk the deep paths to many other planet until they reach the gas halo also known as the Silfen Motherholm. Where they eventually meet Cloud-Dancer (full name: The one who dances in the endless wind streams which flows along the tumbling white clouds as they circle in eternal orbit within the star of life) who speaks to Ozzie, giving him information on the enclosure of the Dyson Pair and making Ozzie a friend of the Silfen and giving him a Pendant of friendship.

The Void Trilogy[]

Some time after the events of the Commonwealth Saga, Ozzie dismantles the pendant and uses his discoveries to establish the gaiafield that was the usurped by Inigo's waterwalker dreams from the Void. By the time of the events of the Dreaming Void, Ozzie seems to be regarded as semi-divine, with his name being used as 'Jesus' or 'God' is today, e.g. "Oh, thank Ozzie you're safe!", or "Oh, for Ozzie's sake, calm down!".