Peter F Hamilton

Oscar Monroe appears in both the Commonwealth Saga and the Void Trilogy.

Commonwealth Saga[]

Oscar Monroe (original name Gene Yauhui) is a space pilot who is recruited into the Commonwealth Navy to join the Second Chance expedition. He is close friends with Wilson Kime. It is later revealed that he also has a past association with Adam Elvin, when they were both student radicals and perpetrated the Abadan station bombing. He since suffered deep remorse, and spent the rest of his life trying to make amends.

Void Trilogy[]

Oscar is re-lifed over 1,000 years after the end of the Starflyer War, having been sentenced to suspension due to his past crime, although that was somewhat mitigated due to his actions in the war. He is living in a polygamous and bisexual relationship with two men and one woman and piloting commercial space flights when he is recruited by Paula Myo to help her find the Second Dreamer.