Peter F Hamilton

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The Commonwealth Universe[]

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Misspent Youth

The Commonwealth Saga[]

Pandora's Star

Judas Unchained

The Void Trilogy[]

The Dreaming Void

The Temporal Void

The Evolutionary Void

The Chronicle of the Fallers[]

The Abyss Beyond Dreams

A Night Without Stars

Greg Mandel Trilogy[]

Mindstar Rising

A Quantum Murder

The Nano Flower

Night's Dawn Trilogy[]

The Reality Dysfunction

The Neutronium Alchemist

The Naked God

Standalone books[]

Fallen Dragon

The Great North Road

A Second Chance at Eden

Salvation series[]


Salvation Lost

The Saints of Salvation

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Another fan site:

An Archived timeline of the events that take place between the end of the Commonwealth Saga and start of the Void Trilogy, from Peter F. Hamilton's site.