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Prequel Edit

Misspent Youth

The Commonwealth Saga Edit

Pandora's Star

Judas Unchained

The Void Trilogy Edit

The Dreaming Void

The Temporal Void

The Evolutionary Void

The Chronicle of the Fallers Edit

The Abyss Beyond Dreams

A Night Without Stars

Greg Mandel Trilogy Edit

Mindstar Rising

A Quantum Murder

The Nano Flower

Night's Dawn Trilogy Edit

The Reality Dysfunction

The Neutronium Alchemist

The Naked God

Standalone books Edit

Fallen Dragon

A Second Chance at Eden

Salvation series Edit


Salvation Lost

The Saint of Salvation

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Another fan site:

An Archived timeline of the events that take place between the end of the Commonwealth Saga and start of the Void Trilogy, from Peter F. Hamilton's site.

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