Peter F Hamilton

Laura Brandt is 326 years old at the start of The Abyss Beyond Dreams. She is described as having “sequenced her genes to emphasize her mother’s northern Mediterranean heritage, darkening her epidermis to an almost African black”. She is also described as having a thin face with emerald green eyes and dark ginger hair. She is a Higher and as such has advancer genes and biononics. Laura is a member of the Brandt Dynasty inter galactic second fleet and was travelling on the Vermillion when all seven ships of the fleet were pulled into the Void. She is a molecular physicist And part of the Brandt science team.

Excerpt from

The Abyss Beyond Dreams

Peter F. Hamilton

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In The Abyss Beyond Dreams[]

Laura is one of a team of four who are sent to investigate a strange alien structure in space while her spaceship is guided toward Bienvenido by a Skylord after they were transported into the Void by an unknown force. Her team is attacked by Fallers and she is the sole survivor, managing to escape and crash-land on Bienvenido, in the middle of a vast desert. It transpires that she is trapped in a time loop, as is later discovered by Nigel Sheldon and Kysandra Blair. Sheldon is horrified by Laura's plight and resolves to rescue her, which he accomplishes near the end of the book, sending her to Bienvenido three thousand years after the time she and her ship arrived.

In A Night Without Stars[]

Laura is working with the government of Slvasta (who she despises) to combat an even worse threat than the Fallers: after Bienvenido was ejected from the Void due to Sheldon's attack on the Faller egg factory Bienvenido comes under attack from a nearby planet inhabited by Primes. She sacrifices herself to save the inhabitants of Bienvenido by using the wormholes found in the cellar of the palace to destroy the planet the Primes inhabit.