Peter F Hamilton

Kysandra is first enountered as a seventeen-year-old girl living with her mother on Blair Farm, her father having been killed three years previously when on a sweep after a Fall. She has freckles and auburn hair (sometimes described as red), often worn in a braid.

In The Abyss Beyond Dreams[]

She meets Nigel Sheldon, who takes pity on her and grows to love in a paternal way, and so reactivates her Higher functions (as she is descended from a Higher of the Brandt Dynasty), including giving her knowledge of the universe outside the Void and the civilisation and technology of the Commonwealth. Nigel also shows her the ability of the Void to reset itself to a previous configuration, such as was used by Edeard. But Nigel can only go back a few minutes or a couple of hours at the most.

In A Night Without Stars[]

In Night Without Stars, Kysandra has become a counter-cultural figure of legend, aiding humanity against the Prime, Fallers, and even their own government where possible, but not sure how to use her power. She assists Florian and Paula in their quest to free Bienvenido's human population from Faller threate, and is ultimately reunited with her true love, Nigel Sheldon.