Possibly some kind of old Silfen lodge, located on the ice planet that Ozzie and Orion end up on while walking the paths. The Silfen still use it when they visit the planet to hunt the Ice Whales. From the outside, the Ice Citadel is a basic pyramid shape, about 70 yards high, with the surface covered in quartz trees arranged into hexagons that are used as arrays and set out in a perfect honeycomb shape that in turn has cylindrical pillars rising from each hexagon. These are topped with large multifaceted stone that swells out and acts like a mirror system to bring light to the inside. The mirrors are also used to charge up a battery that runs the emerald light beacon so it can be used at night. The main part of the Ice Citadel is located underground. It has been built on hot springs that act as a heating system for the entire building. The main hall is a huge dome, at least 80 yards high with pillars curving up the walls. Between these there is carved marble with thousands of different creatures looking out. The residents’ rooms are located through corridors that lead off the main hall.