The High Angel is a sentient alien starship, the origin of which is unknown to the Commonwealth. It was discovered orbiting the gas giant Icalanise, 230 light years from Anshun. Apparently built from an asteroid or other small rocky body, it is studded with stalked habitat domes housing multiple different alien species, although only the Raiel have agreed to contact with humans. Humans occupy three domes (New Glasgow, Moscow Star and Cracacol) in the High Angel although another two (New Auckland and Babuyan Atoll) are being created for human habitation.

It is later revealed in the Void Trilogy that the High Angel is a trans-galactic ark ship built by Raiel as a means to escape the galaxy in case The Void triggers a final devourment phase, consuming the galaxy in order to power its internal universe.

Later used as a site for the Commonwealth Navy shipbuilding operation.

Residents: Toniea Gall, Soolina Depfor, Qatux

Population: 15 million

Discovered by the Human Commonwealth in 2163.

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