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The Guardians of Selfhood are an organization based on Far Away, with influence throughout the Commonwealth. They are dedicated to resisting, finding and destroying the Starflyer, an alien they believe is manipulating the human race. Led by Bradley Johansson, there are seven clans in the Guardians, made up of the seven families that Bradley Johansson freed from the Starflyer's influence. The Guardians say that the Starflyer will return to Far Away to escape in its spacecraft, the Marie Celeste. The Guardians claim that the Starflyer has engineered the mission to investigate the Dyson Pair. Due to the Guardians methods including arms smuggling and employing violent attacks against what they claim are Starflyer assets or agents, (particularly members of the Halgarth dynasty who control the institute investigating the Marie Celeste) The Guardians of Selfhood have been declared a terrorist organization by the Commonwealth.

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