Far Away was settled around 2200 and, as of 2380, is the furthest planet established from Earth. Far Away has 40% standard gravity, which gives the planet unique characteristics. The capital is Armstrong City.

A wormhole was established to the planet around 2200 after Far Away's star gave off a massive flare. The flare was triggered by an alien species, referred to as the Starflyer by the Guardians of Selfhood, to send a message and caused almost all of Far Away's native life to be wiped out. The remains of an alien spacecraft (named the Marie Celeste as it was apparently abandoned) were discovered on the planet and an institute was set up by the Halgarth family to research and investigate it.

Far Away is home to the Guardians of Selfhood and is the true wild world of the Commonwealth. Due to the low gravity and lack of tectonic plates on Far Away, the planet is home to the largest volcanoes in the known galaxy. These three volcanoes are called the Grant Triad and consist of Mount Zeus (17 km high), Mount Titan (23 km high and the only active one) and Mount Herculaneum which is the largest (711 km across its base and a twin-caldera summit 32 km high).

The planet has no cybersphere and no modern communications outside of Armstrong City and the larger towns. Satellites were sent into orbit but were destroyed by the Guardians of Selfhood. Radio is the only method of communication in the countryside but the turbulent ionosphere doesn't help it at all.

Connects to Boongate


  • Capital: Armstrong City
    • Cheyne Street
    • First Foot Fall Plaza, called "3F" by locals
    • Kyrie Street, opens onto 3F Plaza
    • Market Wall
  • Aldrin Plains
  • Anculan River
  • Clowine River
  • Devpile hills
  • Grand Triad
    • Mount Herculaneum
    • Mount Zeus
    • Mount Titan
  • Hondu Ocean
  • Jidule Valley
    • Here a prankster reprogrammed revitalization project robots to plant a forest of silk oaks in the patterns of a copulating couple.
  • North Sea
  • Samafika Mountains
  • Taliong district ("long way east of Armstrong City")
    • Palamaro Ranch
  • Oak Sea

Local Businesses

  • Armstrong Chronicle (newspaper)
  • Franico's (Italian restaurant)
  • Halkin Ironmongery (a Guardian front)
  • Langford Towers (hotel)
  • Marie Celeste Institute


  • Aidan McPeierls
  • Felix McSobel
  • Ferelith Alwon
  • Finlay, a Guardian
  • Griffith Applegate
  • Dr. Justin Friland
  • Keeley McSobel
  • Murdo McPeierls
  • Olwen McOnna
  • Stig McSobel
  • Trevelyan Halgarth
  • James Tim Halgarth, Institute Director
  • Kazimir McFoster
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