Peter F Hamilton

On the edge of Phase III Commonwealth space, closest to the Dyson Pair. An outdoor sports destination.


  • Capital: Runwich
    • Kingsclere airport
  • Ryceel: southern continent
    • Blackwater Crag
    • Dau'sing Mountains
    • Goi'al
    • Highmarsh Valley
    • Lake Trine'ba: a freshwater lake
    • Randtown: Ryceel's only settlement. Founded by Simon Rand. Population about 5,000.
    • The Regents
    • Turquino Valley
    • Ulon Valley


  • Barry Vernon
  • Colleen Langsal
  • David Dunbavand
  • Elle Dunbavand
  • Liz Vernon
  • Lydia Dunbavand
  • Mark Vernon
  • Napo Langsal
  • Olga Conant
  • Simon Rand
  • Yuri Conant


Although not stated by Hamilton, the description of Randtown almost perfectly fits Queenstown in New Zealand, down to the line of poetry on the lakeside wall.