Peter F Hamilton

Edeard is one of the central characters in the Void Trilogy, if not the central character. He lives in Makkathran, on the planet Querencia, the only human-inhabited planet in the Void. He has extremely strong psychic powers, perhaps the strongest of anyone. His dreams are perceived by Inigo and are the basis of the Living Dream movement. As his powers and fame grow, he is come to be known as The Waterwalker by the people of Makkathran.

Character arc[]


Edeard's story starts with him as a young adolescent apprentice in a small village. His parents are dead and he is apprenticed to a Master of the Eggshaper Guild, who specialise in manipulating genetic material in order to produced genetically engineered organisms, known as genistars The village is destroyed by bandits who seem to be targeting him personally. Only he and his younger friend Salrana, an acolyte the The Lady, escape the slaughter of the villagers by the bandits. They journey to Makkathran, where Salrana joins the followers of The Lady, and Edeard becomes a constable.

Career as constable[]

Edeard trains with, and later forms a squad with several people who will stay with him throughout is life, notably Macsen, Dinlay, Kanseen and Boyd. Edeard leads his team in a personal crusade, later to become a political push, to eliminate gang crime in the city. In his first big success, he arrests a criminal who is attempting to flee by boat along a canal by making the water solid with his psychic powers, and then walking along the canal to the boat, also stopping a bullet fired at him with his third hand. This act, witnessed by many citizens, give rise to his title Waterwalker.

Edeard capitalises on his fame by enlisting popular and political support for his crusade. But opposing forces, not only the gangs but elements of the ruling elite who profit by the status quo, kidnap a six-year-old girl from the one of the Great Families and use her to lure Edeard into a trap. But the plan backfires as most of the citizenry are disgusted by the actions of the kidnappers, and when Edeard rescues the girl unharmed the adulation and support of the common citizens only grows stronger.