E-Butlers are sophisticated software applications that are essentially less powerful RIs (Restricted Intelligence). Almost every Commonwealth citizen with wetware implants uses a personal E-Butler. E-Butlers can be customised for a variety of purposes, but most citizens use them for automated data searches, communication forwarding/answering, paying for services over the planetary networks and sending personal files securely. In addition to this, more sophisticated E-Butlers are shown that are essentially mental copies of the users mind which are vastly more advance than the standard software. Nigel Sheldon (Owner of Compression Space Transport) is probably in possession of the most advance wetware and E-Butler software, he is described as using it to essentially run the entire company at the subconscious level of his mind, leaving his conscious mind to enjoy life. Later in the books he uses this ability to merge his mind with the S.I. so that he can use the wormhole network as a weapon against the Primes. The E-Butlers eventually develop into the U-Shadow technology seen in the Void Trilogy, which are essentially a copy of the users mind that can act independently in the Unisphere.