The Dyson Pair consist of two stars, an M-type and K-type, approximately 3 light years apart and situated around 1000 light years from Earth. The got their name after Freeman Dyson, a 21st-century physicist who postulated that "an advanced civilisation would ultimately surround their star to utilise all of its energy". The envelopment of the stars was first noticed by Oxford University on Earth in 2170 when the emission of the stars had turned to non-visible infra red. The stars were then observed on a planet 50 light years from Earth to confirm that they were still visible in their original spectrum. Astronomers thought that the stars were enveloped over a period of 7 – 8 years, but the discovery by Dudley Bose proves that they were enveloped in less than a second, suggesting that a force field was erected around the systems. Each barrier measures 30 AU's across. CST confirmed the envelopment time as 2/3rds of a second by opening a wormhole just past Tanyata to observe the envelopment. They also confirmed that Dyson Alpha was the first to be enveloped followed three minutes later by Dyson Beta.

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