Augusta is located in phase 1 space, 77 light-years from Earth. The capital is New Costa, a megacity (population 1 billion) that stretches for 400 miles along the coast and up to 300 miles inland. Augusta's star is a blue dwarf named Alpha Leonis (commonly referred to as Regulus) and has a companion star, Little Leo, an orange dwarf which in turn has a companion called Micro Leo, a red dwarf. Discovered in 2097 just as the Intersolar Commonwealth was getting into full swing and many environment laws were being passed on Earth, Nigel Sheldon claimed the planet for CST and promptly moved all CST operations here. Once established, Nigel Sheldon invited any other company that was suffering from the restrictions on Earth to move to the planet, and in doing so created the first of what was to become the Big15.

It is strategically important to Phase II expansion.

Most of the populatioln is transient, with an average stay of 60–90 years, and leaving with families.

Residents: Mark Vernon, Liz Vernon

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