Alamo Avengers are autonomous weapons platforms, initially constructed and used by the Republic of the planet Texas in their war of secession against the Commonwealth. They are robotic mechanized weapons with some predatory animal DNA spliced into their AI, designed to do nothing but destroy anything they are programmed to attack. They resemble six-legged armoured dinosaurs built out of blocky rectangular pieces, with blunt wedge-shaped heads, thick cannon barrels in place of eyes, and smaller guns coming out from the front of the head. Their legs can be retracted and used as ducted jets for vectored thrust flight. They have force fields to protect them and their main weapon of choice is a particle lance. They also have the means to dig through the ground and tunnel their way to their target. Despite their immense firepower of the time they were constructed, they are now considered obsolete against modern Commonwealth top-tier weapons systems like combat aerobots and modern force-fields. They are still devastating against unprotected environments however.

Three Alamo Avengers were deployed by the Guardians of Selfhood in an attempt to stop the construction of the Second Chance during the Starflyer War.

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