Peter F Hamilton

An ANAdroid, as the name suggests, is an android that has comparable processing power to ANA, and hence can pass for a human. Nigel Sheldon created five of these, each housing a copy of his own consciousness, to assist and protect him during his clone's mission into the Void. Their names are:

  1. Demetri
  2. Fergus
  3. Valeri: appears to be Asian and aged about 80, with a receding hairline.
  4. Marek: Killed by a nuclear explosion while attempting to stop the Faller attack on the expedition to the Viscount.
  5. Coulan: has pale skin, looks about 20 years old an is extremely handsome. It later becomes one of the leaders of the revolution on Bienvenido, and lover of both Bethaneve and Javier (two of the four leaders). Killed by Slvasta near the end of The Abyss Beyond Dreams.